Binned Art’s Affordable Online Marketplace

Well-priced original artwork from a platform that aims to boost early-career artists

With a bit of effort, it’s easy for some people to find original art. Rarely, though, is it affordable. Binned Art aims to be the solution for those who don’t know where to get unique pieces and those who intend to be price conscious about it. Artists submit works to Binned Art’s online marketplace and declare a price based on specified factors (that include size). The staff then curates a selection and sells it without revealing artists’ real names (sometimes work is anonymous, other times it is pseudonymous). Impressive, unique works start at $190—a truly uncommon price in an industry known for auction houses and gallery-level price tags.

Binned Art’s mission benefits both artists and fledgling collectors. Rather than paper one’s wall with the same old prints, posters or knock-offs, the service puts original paintings and drawings within reach. As for artists, it’s an opportunity to shed excess inventory and generate revenue—which both offer necessary support for early-career artists. Binned Art uses a newsletter to announce when the next collection hits the internet. There, it’s visible in 3D. As the works are not in editions, when a piece is gone, it’s gone.

Images courtesy of Binned Art