Boneshaker Magazine

Bicycle culture with an emphasis on "culture"

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Comprised of 64 ad-free pages, Boneshaker Magazine presents itself as the perfectly formed remedy to the anesthesia of a glossy bicycle magazine. Set upon uncoated challenger offset paper Boneshaker has an unrivaled visual and tactile quality that is noticeable even before opening it. Plus, Boneshaker’s collection of articles, stories and anecdotes about people, projects and bicycles makes for a riveting cover-to-cover read.


Issue 9 is due for publication and contains a host of exciting features such as Bike Move; a home moving van on two wheels and La Ciclovia; a regular tour weaving through the car-filled streets of Bogota, Columbia.


The latest edition also showcases the weird and wonderful creations of Disraeli Gears and features Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller in what the editorial team hopes to be an inspirational issue. James Lucas of Boneshaker states that “Many of the projects have a real ‘go ahead and do-it-yourself’ feel and we hope the magazine inspires you to do the same.”


Four-issue subscriptions to Boneshaker Magazine are available from Fingerprint Distribution for £20.