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Bruce Munro’s “Field of Light” at Uluru, Australia

The artist’s newest and largest iteration of his otherworldly series is set to open at the location that inspired it

British artist Bruce Munro is set to unveil the latest and largest of his otherworldly “Field of Light” installations at Australia’s Uluru—the sacred place that inspired the entire project back in 1992, when the artist visited. Much of Munro’s work is large-scale, immersive and incredibly emotive—and this site-specific “Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku” (part of the overall “Field of Light” series) is no exception. Meaning “looking at lots of beautiful lights” in Pitjantjatjara—the local language of the Pitjantjatjara or Anangu Aboriginal people who live in the region—the work of art is sure to be (like Uluru itself) spectacular and quite magical. (And, no doubt, highly Instagrammed.)

With previous incarnations everywhere from Scotland and England to the USA, “Field of Light” opens at Uluru, Australia on 1 April and will run through 31 March 2017.

All images courtesy of Bruce Munro, “Field of Light,” Uluru 2016-03-23;

photographer Mark Pickthall


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