Caffeinated Podcasts with Cat & Cloud

Two pro baristas inform, entertain and make specialty coffee more accessible with this new series

The world of specialty coffee can be more than just a little intimidating—with curiosity getting permanently trampled by someone’s exclusive attitude or technical lingo. Armed with the mission of making their craft more democratic and engaging, pro baristas Jared Truby and Chris Baca (affectionately known as Trubaca) have been sharing tips, anecdotes and philosophy in blog form since 2010. A refreshingly honest and down-to-earth voice—whether it’s covering the importance of service from a barista’s perspective to home brewing ratio recommendations—has become their defining factor. Now, Truby and Baca are taking their passion project one step further with their new Cat & Cloud podcast series. The resulting conversations that take place between the two industry veterans (and lovable friends)—and the guests who drop by, like 2015 US Barista Championship Charles Babinski—are entertaining as they are informative, without a single drop of pretension. It’s real (coffee) talk.

“We saw a void in the state of coffee podcasts and wanted to bring something lively and exciting to the table,” Jared Truby tells CH. “Everyone has a perspective—even the industry leaders, even Baca & myself as business partners. It’s interesting to learn people’s intuitive and educational journey to the conclusions they have landed on. One of the great things about [our podcast] is different mindsets, same conclusions. Our ability to talk through our processing usually leads to new and exciting discoveries. We hope to encourage the world to dive into specialty coffee, not take anything at face value and if all goes well spread the joy that comes along with it!”

“My favorite part of doing the podcast is being a sounding board for the average, everyday coffee professional,” Chris Baca chimes in. “A lot of people that make their living being baristas and coffee roasters live in a very different world than some of the prominent coffee bloggers or big name coffee celebrities, and I love providing a safe place for them to express their concerns and thoughts. Jared and I believe that there are no absolutes in coffee, and push people to follow their gut and create coffee experiences that speak to them; even if they go against the grain, or defy industry accepted best practices.”

“As far as future topics we’re open to anything coffee related,” he continues. “We love it when we hear ideas that challenge our points of view, as we believe this creates a better understanding of the industry we love.” While the two are still getting the hang of talking into nice mics, with some endearingly awkward freestyling covering up some of the nervousness, Cat & Cloud has been getting stronger with every episode. Their goal to ease the disconnect between the coffee-makers and coffee-sippers, and create an inclusive community, is clear. The series is a great reminder that coffee is more than liquid caffeine—it’s a communal experience that brings people together.

Get your dose of Cat & Cloud in time for tomorrow’s morning commute by downloading their free podcasts on iTunes (also streamable on Soundcloud). Visit the Cat & Cloud website to peruse older blog entries, apparel swag, but most importantly, some special coffee collaborations with friends near to their hearts—like the naturally processed coffee from Graciano Cruz’s organic certified farm in Panama.

Images courtesy of Cat & Cloud