Chances With Wolves’ 35 Summers Mixtape

NYC's favorite DJ trio curates a special playlist for your 4th of July festivities


Perpetually on the hunt for “overlooked, hauntingly beautiful music”, DJ trio Chances With Wolves has been serving NYC and beyond with a dose of carefully considered sounds since 2008. Their weekly East Village Radio program fills the airwaves with a thematic mix of obscure tracks that are sure to fire up any party or ignite a newfound interest in an old name.

To celebrate America’s independence this year, we asked Chances to create a sequence of songs that speak to that classic Fourth of July activity—firing up the grill. To kickstart your holiday brouhaha, check out their “35 Summers Mixtape“, which includes tracks like “Tokyo Boogaloo” by The Happening Four, Billy Stewart’s “Summertime”, “Yeah Yeah Baby” by Stranger & Patsy, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble’s “Spottie” and more. Catch them in the act tonight at ISA in Williamsburg where they will be playing with Cosmo Baker (The Rub) & Queen Majesty (Deadly Dragon Sounds) from 9pm on.