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After successfully launching Deadly Squire, a line of housewares printed with original patterns, in 2005, husband-and-wife team Anna and Tim Harrington are now using the premise of their business to curate a multimedia group show. Based on the idea that patterns have the "unusual property of being simultaneously raw material and finished work," Converter, which opens at the Brooklyn Riviera Gallery this Thursday, 19 October 2006 and runs through 5 November 2006, features works by over 20 artists and designers who were asked to interpret Deadly Squire's patterns. The diverse cast of contributors and their equally eclectic works includes a modded television by happycorp's Doug Jaeger, a "journal entry" by psychedelic pop sculptor Ara Peterson, a dress by fashion designer H Fredrickson, a creepy image by photographer Dan Monick (all pictured Hive Mind Design and jewlery maker Camille Hempel.

Also keeping Deadly Squire busy, their Hayo Makamak show at Rare Device in Brooklyn takes its name from the derisive Chinook Indian phrase for "plenty to eat," and will offer a cornucopia of food and games accompanied by Deadly Squire plates, place cards, napkins and placemats, plus sewn drumsticks, pumpkins and other fall fare. The show runs from 1 November 2006 to 3 December 2006.

Opening reception: 19 October 2006, 7-9pm
Riviera Gallery
103 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211 map
tel. 01 718 559 5589


Doug Jaeger


Helena Fredriksson


Ara Peterson


Dan Monik