Yule Log 2.015

Artist Daniel Savage returns with 52 more variations on the Christmas classic

For those looking for something above and beyond the traditional holiday yule log or VHS version (and for those who aren’t satisfied with five hours of Darth Vader burning on a pyre), artist Dan Savage offers a solution: Yule Log 2.015. For the third year in a row, the illustrator and animation director has partnered with website design and development firm Wondersauce and over 100 filmmakers to create a site dedicated to streaming yule log-inspired animated micro-short films. There are 52 in total, with variations so diverse and charming that no two come close to resembling each other.

“This year we limited the number of invites to 50 logs, and I think by knowing this people pushed themselves even further,” Savage explains to CH about a process which commenced back in September. “I think the logs are getting more and more abstract since nearly 200 films have been created over the past three years,” he adds. There’s truth to this, especially visible in his own contribution, “Circle of Log,” which separates the individual yule log components while peppering the screen with everything from schools of fish to an animated axe. Altogether, it’s another successful iteration of a new, digital holiday tradition—all available to watch for free on the Yule Log 2.015 website.

Film by Josh Parker and Mercy Lomelin, image courtesy of Dan Savage