Yule Log 2.014

Animation director and illustrator Daniel Savage again rethinks the seasonal icon, alongside some 80 other artists


Just in time for the holidays, New York-based animation director and illustrator Daniel Savage is once again rethinking the iconic yule log through a series of digital shorts. Exactly one year ago Savage launched Yule Log 2.0, showcasing the work of 66 artists of varying disciplines. This year, for Yule Log 2.014, Savage welcomed back digital agency Wondersauce as a partner and signed on Oddfellows animation studio as show curator, who—along with the original group of contributors—extended the invite to their favorite artists with an end list of over 80 artists who produced some 70 films.

Ranging from emoji-inspired flames and phantom roasting marshmallows to burrito bull-riding and countless other creative interpretations, each loop-able short film represents a unique take on the WPIX-11 Yule Log that originally debuted in the homes of eight million NYC residents in 1966. With plans to screen the films across a varied list of NYC venues throughout the holidays, Savage looks forward to continuing a hopeful tradition of bringing the Yule Log into the digital age. Visit Yule Log 2.014 to browse the impressive catalog of creative short films and see screening details.

Lead image courtesy of Erin Kilkenny, film by Chris Lohouse & Salih Abdul-Karim