Artist David Salle’s “How to See” Book

A guide to viewing art as artists themselves would describe it

For some, a work of art in a museum or gallery can require substantial consideration. For others, a passing glance will do. One can choose to read into symbolism, coloration and more—or purely enjoy (or despise) any type of art for aesthetic reasons. For all the aforementioned, and everyone in between, acclaimed painter David Salle‘s forthcoming book “How to See” offers a helping hand. A series of intimate portraits of Salle’s friends (Jeff Koons, Alex Katz), peers and inspirational artists, the work introduces the language of art in a way that artists themselves speak of it. Ideation and execution are explored with depth, among many other resonant concepts. Salle, whose work is represented by Skarstedt Gallery, has long written art reviews and criticism, all while building up global acclaim for his own work. This book isn’t about pretense and complicated theory: it’s a way to better view the contemporary art world.

You can preorder David Salle’s “How to See” online for $30.

Images courtesy of W. W. Norton