Diesel Tips for Living Well

Let beauty, adventure and inspiration help you tap into your most sophisticated self

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The kind of scent you wear says a lot about you, and even more about who you want to be. Are you a trailblazing explorer wafting of anise Fuel for Life, a Loverdose seductress or a leather-scented man of the Only the Brave world? Wherever you fall, the perfume will only take you so far. We’ve worked with Diesel to help guide you to a better self, bringing together the events, products and experiences to rule your world.

Only the Brave: Get Your Art Game on in 2013



Art Basel Hong Kong

Art Basel makes its Hong Kong debut in May 2013, and you can expect quite a splash from the intercontinental art fair when it finally makes landfall. The first fair in a scorching hotbed for emerging artists, this will mark a confident man’s prime opportunity to get into the game. Knowing what you want comes from seeing the best and newest of what’s out there—this is your chance.


David Bowie Is

The Victoria & Albert Museum merges rock, pop culture and fine art with “David Bowie is,” an exhibition dedicated to the era-defining figure. The Only the Brave Man can take a page from Bowie’s book when it comes to breaking the rules and staying strong. Running through 11 August 2013, the show curates 300 objects, from hand-written lyrics to stage costumes, instruments to album artwork. Whether you’re a hardcore fan from the glam rock era or just really liked “Labyrinth,” the exhibition promises to be a brilliant ode to all things Bowie.


Paris Photo Los Angeles

Started in 1996, Paris Photo has become the premier event for the art world’s most contemporary medium. Going from the painfully cool French capital to sunny SoCal for the first time—and thus making its US debut—the show hits LA in April. Mark your calendar and inject some culture in your life that’s accessible but no less badass.

Loverdose: Sexy Subscriptions



Discover Pique

The foundation of looking good is feeling good, and hot hosiery marks the fundamental starting point. Delivering stylish stockings, panties, garters, tights and socks to subscribers each month Discover Pique works off the results of a style quiz to hook up its members with smartly selected undergarments. You’ll never be short on sex appeal or caught with a run.



Knowing that smart women work to discover the best, most undiscovered things in life, Birchbox applied the mantra to beauty with one of the first subscription services available. Of course when you’re busy dominating the workplace and your social life, there’s barely any time to go searching—Birchbox does the work for you, and you’re pampered all the while in the best and newest in cosmetics and hair products.


Nicely Noted

A natural seductress like the Loverdose woman adheres to the rule of universal charm—it doesn’t matter if it’s for men, women, old or young. One sure way to land a crush from anyone around you is with a handwritten note. Between work and play, however, who has the time to dazzle further than a heartfelt email? Those who take advantage of Nicely Noted, a subscription service that keeps you stocked with superbly crafted letterpress cards each month. Whether you always know what to say or not, take control of the situation with a beautiful token of extra thought.

Fuel for Life: Tools for the Sophisticated Adventure Traveler



Wilderness Collective

If you’re driven to get outside, but require a certain level of style be attached to the endeavor, look no further than Wilderness Collective. Their guided travel tours across North America bring together men with that energy to climb Mt. Baker, pack into the Eastern Sierras, sail the Channel Islands and more. Even if you can’t make it on one of the tours yourself, you can at least fuel your wanderlust by following their journal.


ICON Bronco

Anyone can flex their muscles by showing off some flashy little sports car, but those above the fray should look at something more subtle. Think of ICON‘s resurrected Ford Broncos as the ultimate vehicles for leaving the map at home when Fuel for Life is all you need. Our CH Video shows the process by which founder Jonathan Ward and his crew resurrect 1970s off-road vehicles into contemporary custom beasts ready for anything.



There are men who travel, and then there are men who travel with Valet. The app-based service brings together the best of the best, from restaurants to shops to nightlife, ensuring that you’ve got eyes on the ground no matter where you end up. A team of respectable curators stand behind the recommendations, so you can rest assured that you’re next stop has been appropriately vetted and extensive enough to keep up with your boundless energy.