Dispose Issue 04

A day in the life of the four contributors to the online photo journal's latest edition


Offering an unedited glimpse into the lives of four strangers each month, online photography journal Dispose distributes disposable cameras to people around the world to do with them what they may. The rules are simple: the whole roll must be shot over the span of one day, a minimum of one photo must be taken every hour and one must be a self portrait. The results offer varied and often poignant glimpses into a day in the life of a stranger. On the eve of tomorrow’s release of the fourth issue, Dispose co-founder and multidisciplinary artist Bruno Levy agreed to let us leak four photos, one from each of the issue’s contributing photographers.


Previous issues have featured the likes of James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, NYC weed dealer Mr Henry X, Mars Volta drummer Deantoni Parks and graffiti artist Curtis Kulig, aka LoveMe. Participants haven’t been limited to well-known names—Levy says he is open to anyone around the world with a “curious” life and an interest in photography, of course. By showing the exciting and mundane parts of all walks of life Levy hopes to shed some light on the evolving concept of celebrity.


“We believe that people want a glimpse into the lives of others, it seems to fulfill a curious human characteristic. When we look at contemporary forms of media, whether it be through social media, blogging or even reality TV, people seem to have a major interest in the uncensored lives of others,” says Levy of Dispose’s inspiration. For Issue 04, we see a slice of Swarthmore College students Nick Brown and Kate McNamara’s visit to Paris, Portland, Maine-based fashion designer Jesse Zorski’s studio, DJ and photographer Lino Meoli’s spending time in his hometown of NYC and flight attendant Archana Rayamajhi’s daily life in the sky.


To keep a cohesive vision, Levy and the Dispose team cut the submissions down to the most compelling images, discarding the frames that didn’t turn out—an unfortunate side effect of shooting with 35mm film. To see the remaining images from this month’s contributors visit Dispose online tomorrow, 13 December 2012 for the issue’s release.

Images by Archana Rayamajhi, Lino Meoli, Jesse Zorski, Nick Brown and Kate McNamara.