20 Years of Ed Templeton’s Punk Photography

Renaissance man Ed Templeton is a creature of many talents and professions: skateboarder, skateboard company owner, artist and photographer among them. Templeton began taking photos in the early ’90s, at first to document the skate culture. Spending 20 years photographing punks (or, perhaps more accurately, people with mohawks), Templeton now has work on show at the hair-centric exhibition “Hairdos of Defiance” in LA. From the “Chelsea hawk to the lazy hawk, and the dreadhawk to the rat-hawk,” all kinds of modernized versions of the hairstyle (appropriated from a Native American tribe, which is a fraught story in itself), Templeton captured them all. Yet, he explains, “For me, punk was an attitude where you just didn’t care. Spending an hour fixing your hair—for my sensibilities, that’s not punk.” Read more at Artsy.