Etsu Meusy


Gum Ball machines, Axl Rose, and ice skaters – sometimes all within one composition- are among the many subjects in Japanese-born Etsu Meusy's work. The Vancouver-based artist's nostalgia-tinged 70s and 80s pop cultural pastiches have found a home in the pages of Nylon, Tokion, and Faesthetic among others, but her take on the Tenugui, available through Giant Robot is what captivated us recently. Her design for the multi-use Japanese cloths (they've been in use since the 8th century) is a dreamy, fairytale-like scene that includes a girl peering out a window, a bowl of soup, and a volcano. The result is a flowing free-form aesthetic that looks something like an updated woodblock print. Printed by a traditional Tenugui maker in Japan, only a very limited number of these were made.

Digital prints of her work are available on her site and you can get her tees via 2k. Watch out for a new tropical looking "Lilikoi" tee within the next month.