Fabulous Noble

Custom portraits by established illustrators and graphic designers through a London-based service

by Malika Dalamal


Recently launched in London, Fabulous Noble connects individuals looking to commission a custom portrait with established illustrators and graphic artists from around the world. More than just a replica of a photograph, these portraits are striking works of art that capture the true personality and essence of the subject. Potential clients are invited to browse the handpicked selection of graphic artists and illustrators on the website—many of whom are working on private commissions for the first time.

FN-Kristian-Russel.jpg FN-Kristian-Russel-2.jpg

Artists available for hire range from Lyndon Hayes, whose work has appeared in Wallpaper and New York Magazine, and world-renowned illustrator Kristian Russell, whose vivid technique you might recognize from his Macy Gray album cover and Coca Cola packaging, to London-based Rachel Oxley, who specializes in digital collage and vector-based graphics. Each artist among the diverse selection is given a page detailing their background, portfolio, past exhibitions and even in-depth interviews.

FN-Lyndon-Hayes-4.jpg FN-Lyndon-Hayes-3.jpg

Artists and clients work together through the Fabulous Noble team on the final product. It begins with a detailed questionnaire outlining physical and personality traits they want highlighted and ends with help finding the best photograph and discussion on how to print or mount the finished portrait.

Founder Pierre-Andre Ben Lassin—who also runs his own creative and branding agency Whatever Projects—hopes his new project will shine a spotlight on what he considers to be an unappreciated art form. “Illustrators are treated differently to other artists who are represented by galleries, sold at auction and collected by museums,” he says. “Essentially their work lives forever while illustrations are usually shown in monthly magazines or newspapers that, more often than not, end up in the bin.”

FN-Rachel-Oxley.jpg FN-Lyndon-Hayes-2.jpg

Portraiture has been given a second life in today’s digital age but Ben Lassin insists these works are as much about investing in an emerging artist and owning a timeless and unique piece of bespoke art work, as they are about profile pictures and self promotion. To learn more about the commissioned prints visit the Fabulous Noble website.