Flavorpill WMC: Chromeo Interview


Dave 1 (aka Dave Macklovitch) has been busy as hell of late. In addition to being a prolific hip-hop producer, the Montreal native has been pulling duty as Vice magazine's rap editor and is about to release a second album for Chromeo, the cheeky synth-funk outfit he created with his high school friend, Pee Thug (Patrick Gemayel). He's also working on his thesis in French literature at Columbia University, mind you. After Chromeo's second DJ set in the wee morning hours at the SpiderPussy party, we sat down in Circa28's downstairs lounge for a little pow-wow about Miami.

Is this your first time in Miami?
No, it's my second, actually. And I really like it. You know, my grandparents have a place here, up in Hallandale.

So what's your impression of the city so far?
Miami is for old Jewish people and that's what I like about it. When I think of Miami, I think of Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and old Jews, and what can better than Miami rappers and old Jews living together in harmony?

Miami has a rep for being mainly about big clubs, big tits, and big beaches. And of course that's partly true, but there is a lot more going on culturally.
It definitely seems like everyone is moving here. De La Soul, N.O.R.E., they all live here now. And all the studios are here—the city's gangsta

Chromeo just finished playing two sets tonight at Circa28, a new venue in Wynwood, which I think has a lot of potential because it isn't like anything else in town.
This is the only spot in Miami where I haven't seen vertical striped shirts. I really like this place.

Who's your favorite rapper?
Lil' Wayne.

Favorite DJ?
Do you know my brother, A-Trak? I think he's one of the greatest DJs alive.

Any last thoughts?
Again, when rappers realized that old Jews were wearing Coogi sweaters, they did the same thing. Now that rappers caught on that old Jews are living in Miami, they're all moving here as well.

by Omar Sommereyns