Fossils of Previously Unknown Dinosaur Discovered

Researchers have found the fossils of a previously unknown dinosaur—named the Jakapil kaniukura—in the La Buitrera palaeontological zone in Patagonia’s Río Negro province. The dinosaur existed during the Cretaceous period (between 145.5 and 65.5 million years ago) and would have been well-protected thanks to disc-shaped armor covering its neck, back and tail. Its armored body means it belonged to the thyreophoran dinosaur group which also includes the “the bony backed, spiky tailed Stegosaurus and the tank-like Ankylosaurus.” The bipedal dinosaur was about five feet in length and walked using its rear two legs. Astonishingly, each Jakapil kaniukura weighed about the same as a house cat. Find out more at Popular Science.

Image courtesy of Mauricio Álvarez and Gabriel Díaz Yanten