Geisai Artists at Giant Robot


First organized in Japan more than six years ago, the Geisai art fair (derived from the Japanese word for "art festival") has since become a bi-annual event helping up-and-coming Japanese artists to exhibit their work internationally. And now, with a stateside version in the works, it's a rare opportunity to see new talent, many who are showing for the first time off the island.

Set up by the publishers of Giant Robot, Geisai is making landfall this week in Southern California. One of the principles behind it all is Takashi Murakami. The Tokyo-born painter and sculptor is bringing more than a half-dozen talented art and their work across the Pacific to Los Angeles for a show opening this Saturday, 15 September. Most of the artists themselves will be on hand during the reception at the GR2 gallery. See the flyer here.

The next Geisai show will be held in Miami in conjunction with the Pulse art fair this December. Students and artists without commercial gallery representation are eligible to apply through October 2007 here.

Geisai Artists at Giant Robot
15 September-15 October 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, 15 September 2007, 6:30-10pm
2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA. 90025 map
tel. +1 310 445 9276