Bongoût Gallery: Ghana Movie Posters


For their premiere show, the new Bongoût Gallery in Berlin presents a show of '80s movie posters from Ghana opening tonight, Wednesday, 6 February 2008. Painted in oil on potato sacks, the paintings feature fantastic renderings of popular films which were shown in public screenings in homes, schools, social clubs and outdoors. Often the work of artists that may have not actually seen the films, the posters represent a skewed but optimistic interpretation of the content. Over time and after repeat showings of the films, the originals take on even more of a distinct character from hanging in the sun, being nailed at odd angles and hung on precarious frames.

A compilation of the posters is also being released in conjunction with the exhibition. It features text in English and French and is available for €10 from Bongoût.

Ghana Movie Posters
Opening Reception: 6 February 2008, 7pm
6 February-1 March 2008
Bongoût Gallery
Torstrasse 110
10119 Berlin
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