Gonzales: Solo Piano


Minimal, sparse, and beautiful, Solo Piano is unlike anything else I’m listening to right now. Canadian-born musician, producer, and rapper Gonzales has worked with everyone from Jane Birkin, to Daft Punk, to ex-label mate Peaches. Critics compared him to Eminem, Prince, and Beck when his debut record, Gonzales Uber Alles, came out with a bang in 2000. That being said, this one might throw you for a loop if you’re familiar with his old work. Nowhere in this record does he come close to fitting that description. As the title suggests, this record is 16 tracks of stripped down piano compositions. When I say stripped down, I mean there are no lyrics and no additional instruments. The finished product sounds more like a moving soundtrack than anything else. Definitely check this one out and keep an eye on this guy, he’s got some good stuff going on.

Recommended tracks: Gogol, Manifesto, and DOT.

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Contributed by Sean Thomas