The Great Western Alpaca Show

Photographer Ross Evertson's journey through one of the USA's largest Alpaca shows


Photographer Ross Evertson‘s 2007 trip to The Great Western Alpaca Show highlights the strangely fuzzy annual springtime exhibition, recently featured by Good Magazine. From shearing contests to best in show, the livestock-friendly fair finds a little something for every Alpaca lover.

good-alpaca-show-11.jpg good-alpaca-show-12.jpg

Featuring their famous long hair, the Alpaca photo shoot takes a behind-the-scenes look at the largest Alpaca show west of the Mississippi. and continues to expand as Alpaca fleece becomes more popular. Known for its durability and environmental sustainability, clothing labels such as Rogan use Alpaca wool to create ultra-warm and eco-friendly attire.


Check out the full slide show, complete with Alpaca portraits, at Good Magazine.