Har Mar Superstar: How Did I Get Through The Day?

You might have spotted Har Mar Superstar in the season three premiere of Broad City as the “Oy Bomb” dude in the art gallery, but he isn’t abandoning his career as a chest-baring rockstar just quite yet. His upcoming album Best Summer Ever, out from longtime friend Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records, has been summed up as “Greatest Hits of Har Mar Superstar from 1950-1985.” (Note: Har Mar aka Sean Tillmann was born in 1978.) The time machine goes back the furthest with his song “How Did I Get Through The Day?,” oozing with soul-pop of the ’50s and the irritation of the 2010s. Best Summer Ever is out this week, featuring Karen O on “Haircut,” the Casablancas-penned “Youth Without Love” and another favorite, the supremely ’80s disco track “It Was Only Dancing (Sex).”