Hell Bound: New Gothic Art


"Hell is no longer simply a destination after death. It is within the landscape and the architecture, within our own bodies, within communities, within technology. Hell is humanity itself," explains Francesca Gavin in her new book, "Hell Bound: New Gothic Art."

Published by Laurence King just in time for Halloween, Gavin—a freelance writer and current visual arts editor at Dazed & Confused—curated a collection of different works from artists like Olaf Breuning, Des Hughes, Wes Lang (pictured below left), Christian Jankowski and Gabriela Fridriksdottir (pictured below right), among many others, that take a liking to the darker things in life such as skulls and blood. From the Trench Coat Mafia to the war on terror, the book examines the contemporary artists who all seem to reflect on fear's place in society today and how their artwork in turn can serve as a sociological zeitgeist.


To make this attractive collection of some of the most horrific and eerie art works in the contemporary scene yours, purchase Amazon. It will be sure to spook any trick or treater.