Herbert Baglione:Two Broken Knees

by Ariston Anderson


Herbert Baglione is one of Brazil's most provocative exports, currently bringing his humanistic paintings to a new show in London. Baglione got his start as a street artist, painting huge figures onto the sidewalks and intersections of São Paulo throughout the '90s, but has since taken only to the galleries drawing on his street background.

His latest work, "Two Broken Knees," projects extreme human figures in a style influenced by cave paintings. The show is comprised of twenty paintings that bring to life urban textures and typography in the medium of acrylics and enamel. To Baglione, the show is a ritual in search of lost faith in urban settings throughout the world. Check out a video of Balione at work, below.

Two Broken Knees
21 November-20 December 2008
Lazarides Gallery
8 Greek Street
Soho, London
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tel. +44 (0)203 214 0055