Cool Hunting Video Presents: Hess is More: Nugroove vol. 3

Though Mikkel Hess has been creating his original, hypnotic and timeless music for years, he only recently discovered how to incorporate all of the instrumentation in a live setting

Mikkel Hess (aka Hess is More), makes music for films, theater and multimedia (including a recent collaboration with the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen), has a current radio and MTV hit in Europe, and plays tennis. With his virtuosic ability to play multiple instruments and love of jazz and experimental electronica, Hess creates a sound palette that is all at once original, hypnotic and timeless. Cool Hunting Video caught up with him on the court and in the studio to discuss his creative process when he was in New York City this summer. You can also catch his work on the upcoming compilation Luftkastellet 4 or, if you’re in Brooklyn, see his U.S. debut on 25 October 2006 at Monkeytown.