Hillary Clinton’s Unused Confetti is Now Art

On view until 12 August, “Bunny Burson: And Still I Rise” (taking its name from Maya Angelou’s book of poetry) is an installation that has made the unused confetti from Hillary Clinton’s election night into a work of art. Burson tracked down the unused confetti—after being told it was likely in the trash—and turned it into a snow globe-like piece. Burson was at NYC’s Jacob Javits Center on the night of the election and says “I was among her supporters… waiting for the symbolic shattering of the glass ceiling and the shard like confetti to fall down on us. We left the Javits Center at 2 in the morning with profound emptiness.” In an effort to turn this into a message of hope, she says, “I wanted to fill that emptiness with hope by giving voice to my feelings that even in defeat, Hillary’s confetti could be used to inspire the next generations of little girls and young women to dream big and to act on their dreams.” Read more at Artnet.