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Nancy Burson: The Hand of God

Beautiful, quirky, powerful and fun, Nancy Burson’s work is about shifting vision and challenging the way that people look at art. Her human race machine allows people to morph into people of other ethnicities and one powerful series of her photos takes people with cranial facial disorders as its subject. More recently, working with healers, Nancy has been photographing energy from other dimensions—whether it be light orbs in crop circles in England, healer’s auras or what she calls ECs ("extra celestialsâ€), which reside in her Soho loft.

“The Hand of God,†her solo show opening tonight, 7 September 2006 at Clampart in NYC, highlights her most recent work that focuses on the energy of love. The show includes a series of Marys to accompany the 2002 "Guys Who Look Like Jesus"—both projects are the result of an ad she placed in the Village Voice asking to photograph people who look like Jesus or Mary. The show also features her combination “one†image that composites Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha. And a powerful series of photos of the sacred healing substance called “Vibhuti,†which is produced by her teacher Derek O’Neill, will be exhibited as well. She will be selling a DVD called the “Hand of God,†which is a video emitting the energy of love as well as a book, Lineage, which is about the sentient beings that have been appearing in her loft. Burson will be giving two presentations to audiences in September at the request of the ECs, who have asked her to show them to others.

The Hand of God
7 September 2006, 6-8pm
521-531 West 25th Street
New York City 10001 map
tel. 01 646 230 0020