House Music All Night Long

heartbeatcover_ari.jpgLoveslap Recordings just put out “Heartbeat” volume I featuring the inimitable DJ skills of David Harness and and will release volume 2 with the equally tantalizing Julius Papp on March 8.

Harness, resident DJ at the incomparable San Francisco club the End Up owns the first set, mixing in mellow house grooves that create an ambient, albeit sexy, atmosphere. On the second, Papp, who was nominated last year in the first-ever House Music Awards in the Most Innovative Producer category, stirs things up, making you want to dance wherever you are (in my case, I was in the kitchen grilling chicken).

The Heartbeat series seems to be quickly gaining momentum and may become to House music what the Global Underground series does for Trance. So far, Heartbeat appears to be 100 percent studio session mixes while GU showcases live sets.

And if you ever find yourself in the beautiful City by the Bay on a Thursday night, swing by Pink to catch David and Julius spinning together in that cozy, intimate space in the heart of the Mission District.