How Indigenous People are Reclaiming Water Rights

Water is not only a basic necessity; for many Indigenous peoples, it holds spiritual and cultural significance. However, colonialism and extractive industries separated Indigenous people from their waterways, contaminating them while endangering historical and cultural sites. Over the years, Indigenous groups like The Pueblo Action Alliance have found ways to reclaim their water rights. Currently, they are fighting to rematriate the land, water and other rights to the fixed-location communities of New Mexico by holding the federal government accountable for their obligations to work with Native communities. The NDN Companies, on the other hand, take a different approach by working with contractors to consult on environmental impact and restoration. “Both approaches draw attention to the unique ways in which tribes are impacted by extractive industries and infrastructure. They provide visibility to Indigenous peoples who have been stewards of ancestral landscapes, such as Chaco Canyon, since time immemorial,” writes journalist Kayla Devault for Civil Eats. Read more there.

Image courtesy of Matt Champlin/Getty Images