Instagram NYC

Simple phone snaps comprise a compelling photo show dedicated to the Big Apple

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Like Twitter without the pressure of pithy writing, Instagram allows you to share your current status to friends and followers by simply uploading a photo from your iPhone or Android. Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the free photo-sharing app—which recently sold to Facebook for $1 billion—comes with 11 filters, blurring effects, borders and a brightening tool for users to play with. These enhancement features allow nearly anyone to post a great photo, but to gain a huge following from Instagram’s 25 million users it usually boils down to how you view the world. Six photographers that continuously capture New York City with fresh eyes will soon debut their work away from the very-small screen in an upcoming group show.

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The two-month exhibition opens 1 May 2012, and will feature photos by Brian Difeo (@bridif), Angeliki Jackson (@astrodub), John de Guzman (@johndeguzman), Liz Eswein (@newyorkcity), Chrixtian Xavier Chantemargue (@cxcart), and a man known simply as Theo (@uptowneastnyc).

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Whether focused on architecture, street art, people or food, each photographer demonstrates that a compelling photo isn’t always the product of an amazing camera set-up. Brian Difeo, one of the founding members of NYC Instagram Community and curator of the group show, hopes that the exhibition will elevate the social media application’s status as a legitimate creative medium, and not just a tool that makes cameraphone photos look vintage.

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Instagram-inspired exhibitions in London, Singapore and Ireland have already added to its place as a new photography format. The show is sure to be an interesting display of works, whether you’re a fan of digital media or the city itself.

The group exhibit runs from 1 May through 30 June 2012 at the W Hotel Times Square.