Thoughtful New Insights from Jeff and Mark Bezos

Summit's first content release focuses on an intimate dialogue with predictions for the future

For their first Sessions video release, the team behind Summit have shared a conversation from their most recent Los Angeles ideas festival, hosted back on 4 November. For it, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his TED talk-delivering brother Mark Bezos traverse everything from early inspiration to their hopes for the future. The hour-long piece includes family photos and anecdotes that are both humanizing and empowering. “It’s our choices that define us, not our gifts,” Jeff remarked noting the challenge of decision making versus the ease of what we’re born in to. The brothers’ intimacy resonates, and lessons on risk-taking and decision-making truly offer value. Their family toast, “To adventure and fellowship,” comes through as the underlying theme of their relationship and shared life philosophy.

Images courtesy of Summit LA17