Jeff Koons Versailles


"Profound" was the word koonsflowers.jpg


Some pieces, such as "Large Vase of Flowers" (above left) in the queen's bedroom, blended almost seamlessly with the decor of the rooms, an effect no doubt having something to do with the influence of Koons' father who was a decorator and who Koons cited as a reason for his appreciation of Versaille's decorative arts, fabrics and textures. The oversize scale of the flowers however, makes it a bit off and, like the other works in the show, sets up a paradox. On one hand the contrast between materials, shapes, scale and surfaces with all the gilt and flourishes is striking, while on the other, Koons' own sense of opulence and the pairing of specific rooms with specific works is resonant.


For some great images and a few insights into the placement of the sculptures, check out the NYT slideshow (where we found the lead image above that features a couple members you may recognize from team CH).
Jeff Koons Versailles
Through 14 December 2008
Château de Versailles
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