Cool Hunting Video Presents: Jill Greenberg

We visit the studio and gallery show of Jill Greenberg, a photographer who's slightly surreal portraits involve considerable digital tweaking

Jill Greenberg was tagged The Manipulator in the early ’90s when she became known for transforming photos into surreal portraits by tweaking colors, cutting and pasting and otherwise distorting images. The work she created at the beginning of her career took advantage of Photoshop before it was a household name and became iconic of the collaged, multi-colored look of the time, forming the groundwork for the hyper-real work that’s now her trademark.

In this video we take a look at Jill’s portrait series of children crying called “End Times,” visit her at her 2006 Clamp Art exhibit “Monkey Portraits” in NYC and see her at work shooting bears in Canada. We also go to Jill’s Los Angeles studio to get a taste of her Photoshop artistry in action.