Joel Meyerowitz’s All-Encompassing Interview With LensCulture

Pioneering street and portrait photographer Joel Meyerowitz (who shot in color during the ’60s, when most were capturing images in black and white) recently sat down with LensCulture’s Jim Casper for a delightful and insightful interview. Meyerowitz talks about the vibrance of city streets, how a beginner photographer can find their signature style, the ways technology  has impacted the art form and more. What’s truly revealed is that the 82-year-old artist loves his medium. “I said right at the beginning, photography has taught me everything I know basically all this time. And I think it comes to me in a kind of slowly dawning consciousness again and again,” he says. “I tend to just love human nature and nature itself and the opportunity to pass along the experience through the camera’s eye.” Read or listen to the lengthy interview at LensCulture, where there are also plenty of Meyerowitz’s vibrant photographs to admire.