Known for beer-brewing, a heavy German contingent and little else, Milwaukee is far from the center of hip-hop culture. Out to change his hometown's reputation is Juiceboxxx, a 21-year-old rapper and producer whose sound lies somewhere between Big Daddy Kane and the Beastie Boys. An unassuming MC, the slight, geeky rapper is pure kinetic energy in live shows, captivating audiences with a punk rock energy over danceable beats.


He's a veteran of the Milwaukee basement-show circuit, playing alongside an eclectic mix of punk bands and noise groups since he was 15. Upon graduating high school in 2005, he released "R U There God?? Itz Me Juiceboxxx," a collection of rudimentary beats and lyrics about rockin' the party and being awesome. More recently, he put out a series of EPs with Brooklyn DJ Dre Skull, most notably "Sweat," which gave Juiceboxxx international exposure. Whether you're on board or not, it's hard to hate on someone who's clearly having a great time making fun, positive music.

You can pick up Juiceboxxx records from Vicious Pop, or catch him at a number of upcoming shows in the Midwest.