Kacy Maddux: New Drawings


Kansas City artist Kacy Maddux, whose headless sketches in the University of Chicago Renaissance Society's "All My Pretty Corpses" exhibition caught a lot of attention in 2005, is to be featured again in the Windy City.

This time her fine illustrations are to be featured in a solo exhibition at the Gescheidle gallery in downtown Chicago. These free-hand drawings appear to riff on the theme of anatomy and symmetry while remaining fairly abstract. It's an interesting installment in this 27 year-old artist's career, presenting "empirical information metaphorically, and intuitive misunderstandings literally." The result is equal parts new age and science class, to stunning effect.


New Drawings
Opening Reception: 12 October 2007, 6-9pm
Conversation with the artist: 13 October 2007, 1-2pm
12 October -10 November 2007
1039 W. Lake Street, 2nd floor
Chicago, IL. 60607 map
tel. +1 312.226.3500