Leah Robertson: General Admission


Melbourne-based documentary and music photographer Leah Robertson has an exhibition of her work running at Melbourne's Prahran's IMP Gallery until 9 March 2008. We got the scoop on the inspirations behind her shots.

What's been the most memorable gig you've attended in recent times?
Sufjan, Arcade Fire, Bjork and Rufus have all just played consecutively in Melbourne. It's been one hell of an incredible, horn-heavy experience. Sufjan and Rufus' respective wings and stilettos were lovely. My favorite local bands, The Drones, My Disco, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and Baseball, are always great live, always memorable.

Anyone you haven't shot yet that you'd love to?
Bjork would be amazing, but it'd be difficult to live up to the talented slew of photographers who have shot her before me. I tried to steal some snaps of her from the crowd during her Big Day Out performance (no Melbourne side shows!) only to be rather firmly reprimanded by security. Threatened actually! I'd love to officially shoot Nick Cave. And Gareth Liddiard from The Drones. Despite religiously attending their shows, I've never felt able to sufficiently capture that ferocious stage presence.

Was it hard editing the images to run in the exhibition?
This is my first show, and I didn't realize how heartbreaking it would be to have to cull shots! It was very difficult. What's ended up in the show is pretty much what felt right. The images I was drawn to all have a similar emotive quality. Audience members are all kind of dazed or engrossed and the performers are intense. Actually, none of them are "performing" as such. They're all kind of in-between performing, gasping for breath, wiping away sweat. I think together the works convey a pretty cohesive atmosphere.

General Admission
Through 9 March 2008
IMP Gallery
145 Greville Street
Prahran VIC 3181 map
tel. +03) 9510 3531