Premiere: “LA” by Leah Kate

A pop-powered invitation to the Southern California city in the singer's debut music video

A debut song—and music video—can act as a mission statement for a young artist. The work sings out:, “This is what you can expect from me and I am proud of it.” For Leah Kate (aka Leah Kalmenson), her first-ever music video “LA” follows in the tradition of artists attracted to alluring cities—and yet Kalmenson diverges in that her pop prowess and active invitation are just as beautiful and captivating. Kalmenson’s video, directed by Maria Skobeleva, references so many elements worth celebrating in the city of angels. And it has fun in the process, something truly valuable for a pop declaration.

The shoot involved bopping all about LA, including stops at plenty of sun-drenched locations. The visuals underscore the song’s invitational delight, but the process was initially eased onward by the director until the singer felt comfortable. “I was super-nervous at first, as it was my first music video and there were many people on set,” Kalmenson explains to CH. “Ultimately, I just got to be me the whole time which was the best part. The director, Maria Skobeleva, who directs for people like Tyga, G-Eazy, Madeintyo, 24 hours, and Travis Scott, was helpful in calming me down and reminding me to just be me and have a good time.” In fact, Skobeleva liked the song so much she was singing along behind the camera. And, ultimately, seeing the song come to life has been an exceptional reward for the artist—and the viewer, as well.

Image courtesy of Jared Thomas Kocka