Lexus 460 Degrees Gallery

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Celebrating the launch of their newest flagship luxury LS 460 sedan, the Lexus 460 Degrees Gallery opened 20 October 2006 in LA and runs through 3 November 2006. Curators Shamin Momin (of the Whitney) and Sebastian Agneessens helped Lexus commission artists Arne Quinze, Miranda Lichtenstein, and Pascual Sisto to create the "Light and Speed" exhibition. Featuring Quinze's massive arcing installation made from readymade 2x4s, the paranormal photos of meditation and levitation by Lichtenstein and Sisto's dazzling mandala-like videos of freeways and cars, the show interprets car culture both literally and figuratively. Events include a Teuscher chocolate tasting, a glassmaking and silversmithing seminar and Wired magazine's gadget lab. "Light and Speed" will also travel to New York, Miami and Chicago over November, December and January respectively. More images here.

The 460 Degrees Gallery
269 N. Beverly Drive
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