MC Bin Laden: É Grau Olha pra Traz e da Tchau

An incredibly catchy vocal sample sets up the simple rhythmic structure in “É Grau Olha pra Traz e da Tchau,” a vrooming track from Sao Paolo sensation MC Bin Laden, and it’s a great introduction to the uniquely percussive, aggressive style born out of the favelas that’s quickly becoming the beating heart of dance parties around the world. For more: MC Bin Laden’s É Grau EP releases 12 May and it’s available for pre-order in limited edition vinyl, coming out in June. He’ll make his debut US performance this Saturday at RBMA Festival New York’s “Fluxo: Funk Proibidão” at Villain, along with a mix of equally brash Brazilian and stateside MCs, producers and DJs—rager guaranteed.