Miriam Böhm

Sculpture and photography come together through repetition and illusion


Berlin-based artist Miriam Böhm‘s photographs present compelling optical illusions made through a series of complex physical arrangements in the studio. Individually photographed and printed, these physical objects are then mounted back into the original arrangement—in many ways similar to the late work of the Cubist movement—starting a repetitive process which involves more photographing, printing and so on. The resulting image not only distorts focus and perspective, but also endows the final photograph with a beautiful play on form and light.


Böhm’s work is an elegant trompe l’oeil. It takes simple and non-descript objects and repeatedly manipulates them in space until the viewer may no longer be able to distinguish what constitutes the foreground, and what falls into the background. The personal visual language created seems to challenge how we look at and consume photography in the conventional sense.


For a chance to see Böhm’s work firsthand visit San Francisco’s Ration 3 Gallery where her most recent exhibition, “Before In Front,” is showing through 14 December 2012.

Images courtesy of Ration 3 Gallery