kMoby, Teany and an Intimate Live Show

teany.jpgTeany Book: Stories, Food, Romance, Cartoons and, of course, Tea.”

The tome is a hilarious collection of self-help advice (how to cure a hangover), grooming tips (using tea bags to reduce puffy eyes – with a picture of a Golden Retriever with tea bags on its eyes and a shower cap on its head), recipes (too many to list), comics (drawn by Moby himself) and a semi-faux history of the Lower East Side (L.E.S.) of New York with Moby and his business partner and former girlfriend Kelly Tisdale dressed up as immigrants. And at the front of the book, instead of just thanking one or two people each, Kelly and Moby have a goofy back-and-forth conversation about who they should give a nod to.

The book sprang out of Teany, Moby and Kelly’s teahouse and vegan eatery on the L.E.S. I visited Teany last year and if you ever find yourself Downtown and hungry, I highly suggest stopping in. Even if you’re a meat eater (like myself), there are plenty of things to choose from – and they’re surprisingly tasty. (Travel tip: Teany’s not far from the L.E.S. Tenement Museum where you can sign up for great walking tours and learn about the history that made New York what it is.)

Now back to the aforementioned press tour. Since Moby named his album Hotel, he strategically partnered with W Hotels nationwide and is performing for intimate groups in different cities. Tuesday night Moby stopped by Chicago’s W City Center for a 40-minute acoustic set for about 200 people. The room was set up like a swank lounge with plush couches and comfy beds (seriously) and vodka martinis made with Teany iced teas were served.

During the show, which Moby was joined by Laura Dawn (who sings on “Hotel”) and her husband Darren, the trio sang acoustic, but breathy and powerful, versions of “Honey,” “South Side,” “We Are All Made of Stars” and a couple of new songs, including “Lift Me Up” and “Beautiful.”

Moby kicks off a proper U.S. tour in April before heading off to Europe in May.