Mounds [Placemats]


Placemats – something kids need to keep from staining the table cloth? Perhaps. But these ones aren't exactly age-appropriate. Introducing avant-garde Brazilian-New Yorker Vik Muniz' special edition placemat set, featuring appetizing photographs of mounds of, well… cat hair, aspirin, headless army men, poison scorpions, rat poison, and even… granola. Shudder. Printed and packaged by the folks at Printed Matter, Inc. in Manhattan, VM has crafted a set of four uniquely grisly placemats. Featured here, this placemat offers an amalgamation of goodies from Killer Bees to Jade Buddhas. Each mat measures 30 x 38 cm, and only 200 sets have been produced. VM's works have been exhibited in the best galleries from Chicago's Art Institute to London's Tate – and now your dinner table. And each one is numbered and signed by VM himself, so you'd better not spill on 'em.

$150 at Printed Matter.