Mr Twin Sister: Beezle

From the upcoming album Al Mundo Azul, Mr Twin Sister has released “Beezle” (a song that evokes ’80s art-pop) along with an off-kilter video directed by the band’s singer, Andrea Estella. Featuring 3D animation and graphics by Diego Sánchez Barceló, the trippy video appears in mostly earth tones and shades of blue. Estella says the video is “a reinterpretation of a story I love and identify with from the anime The Fantastic Adventures of Unico, original story by Osamu Tezuka. I’ve been closely involved in making music videos for Mr Twin Sister for the last decade, but I’d made myself believe that I wasn’t allowed to take it further and call myself a director. Most of all I was excited to collaborate again with Diego Sánchez Barceló and combine his digital art with my watercolors and costumes.”