No Mas: Fall Classic


Chris Isenberg, the creative force behind No Mas, wore a full Yankee uniform complete with stirrups and a plastic batting helmet almost every day from ages 4 to 7. Now in his early 30s, Chris' connection to pro sports is just as deep and much more complex. It will all come together at his first gallery show that opens this Friday, 21 October, at Melody Weir Gallery here in NYC. In true No Mas form, Fall Classic is a statement about fallen athletes like Rose, Tyson and Strawberry– with whom Chris feels a sense of kinship. It's also an exploration of the intersection between sports, politics and culture.

The focus of the show will be a fantasized recreation of Chris' childhood bedroom decorated with recent works as well as creations from his childhood. Mixed in will also be some paintings by Mickey Duzyj and a selection of No Mas customized starter jackets and t-shirts.

Gallery information and pictures after the jump.

Thru 1 November 2005:
Melody Weir Gallery
507 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 12pm to 6pm
Other times by appointment: 646-342-8452

Paintings by Mickey Duzyj:



No Mas customizes starter jacket:


New No Mas T: