Premiere: “Torpedo” by Chris Garneau feat. Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum

A deep, dark sonic return by the talented singer/songwriter

With each and every release, songwriter Chris Garneau expresses a deep sensory lesson—emotions and experiences flee through a musical landscape, hand in hand, yearning. His work always conveys a reality both close to the heart and ever so far away from expectation, lit by an imagination that’s undeniably powerful. “Torpedo,” Garneau’s latest, enters a place on the darker end of the sonic spectrum—and even though Garneau’s voice acts as a guide, the lyrics and orchestration drive a brooding intensity. It’s a force to be reckoned with, bolstered by the touch of Light Asylum’s Shannon Funchess, who guests here. Gone is the Baroque whimsicality of “Fireflies” and “Dirty Night Clowns.” In its place, listeners will find deviousness, for sure, but it has been blackened with wisdom.

This is merely a taste of Garneau’s just-announced, fourth full-length album, Yours, to be released 9 November 2018 via The Orchard. The nine-track record was brought together in Lyon, France over a two month period. Maxime Vavasseur and Benoit Bel co-produced the work—which Garneau hints is very much a comprehensive world of storytelling and sound.

Garneau will be touring for the remainder of the year, with confirmed shows stretching from France to China and the US—including a stop at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival. It’s already been an important year for LGBTQ+ artists. And while Garneau certainly helps keep the momentum, there’s no better way to contribute than listening, or seeing a performance.