The Necessity of Free Arts and Culture

Many people have been upset by the announcement from NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, wherein they instate an admission fee of $25 for out-of-state visitors. It’s easy to understand why. In a city filled with struggling artists—and every other type of worker—free art and culture matters and empowers. These are often areas for inspiration and reprieve, with open doors. This is not a loss of that, as the policy change has been put in place to avoid “charging for special exhibitions,” according to Rosie Spinks at Quartz. But it clearly reflects a new barrier to the arts within a city that doesn’t want them. The Met’s optional pricing made it a must-stop for tourists, some visiting the city for the first time. It made clear that NYC prides itself on art. Unfortunately this change acts as another demonstration of the uncertainty behind arts funding everywhere. Read more at Quartz.