The crazy folks at LVHRD are at it again, drawing some big names for this year's PHTHRD event. Jonathan Harris, Joseph O. Holmes and Elizabeth Weinberg will be live and in person next Tuesday, 25 March 2008, taking 150 Polaroids (R.I.P.) at the event in order to craft a mosaic narrative on the spot. All skilled photographers that use their media to tell stories, the event offers a chance to watch them work and maybe even be discovered. LVHRD's latest VDO featuring the photographers explains it all, through, what else, Polaroids.

LVHRD is always an "event," but this years PHTHRD is an absolute can't-miss and tickets are selling like bottled water. We wish we could tell you where it will be held, but all we know is it will be somewhere in Brooklyn. You're gonna have to buy a ticket to find out. As LVHRD likes to put it, "welcome to the mystery."

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