Pow Wow!


The bond between brothers can be a tumultuous one, but the musical fruits are plentiful. Just ask the Kinks' Davies brothers, the Greenwoods of Radiohead or the National, who can claim two sets of brothers. This grand tradition extends to Brooklyn-via-Jersey siblings Edward and Jeff Nazareno, who perform under the moniker pow wow! The two have been playing music independently for more than 11 years, but only decided to join forces three years ago. And starting last year, they began to record and produce a string of poppy gems in their Brooklyn studio.

Adopting some of the best sonic elements of the last half century, pow wow! have a studied timelessness. Slurred vocals echo Spoon's Britt Daniel, which perfectly pair with the songs' apathetic take on love and romance. The song "23 19" has the meandering guitar riffs and vocal delivery of the Velvet Underground, while "You Can Take Me" could be a '70s soft rock standard.

Rounded out by a full band, pow wow! are busy playing New York area shows, with a July tour that will stretch from Montreal to Florida. To keep up with the band and, more importantly, download a bunch of their songs, take a look at their blog.