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Premiere: “Mind High” By DOV

Textured, tantalizing R&B melodies from the Brooklyn-based, Tel Aviv-born alt-pop producer and multi-instrumentalist

To access, understand or simply cope with the influence of anxiety on one’s mind, DOV (aka Dov Eagle) found that various substances lead to a quieting of the noise that makes it all so oppressive. This may be the surface subject matter of the queer pop artist and producer’s latest track, “Mind High,” premiering here. But his first release of 2020 carries so much more—antagonized by a broad range of life experiences and desires. It’s a first look at what’s to come from his next EP, It Feels Right, and it finds DOV once again collaborating with fellow Israeli vocalist and queer artist Tesha. DOV and Tesha deliver an experience that throbs with life—both familiar and otherworldly.

“My queer identity is an integral part of the artist I am as it’s an integral part of the person I am,” DOV explains to CH. “It gifted me a lesser-known vantage point, the experience of a gay artist—being a minority that not so long ago was not accepted by the mainstream. I never felt bound to any specific ‘roles’ in society, so I took that approach with my music creation as well.”

He adds that “While growing up in Israel, a few of my favorite artists had difficulty coming out and lost a lot of work and support by taking that ‘bold’ step. It is something that inspired me to be authentic from the get-go and not hide behind any persona that does not represent who I am! I want to encourage other queer artists in the industry to do the same.”

Courtesy of Lissy Elle Laricchia

In crafting expressive, enticing pop tunes from his honest perspective, DOV acts as an ambassador for (and to) the LGBTQIA community. Though identity drives the track, its musical landscape makes the entire experience powerful.

“I’m drawn to sounds that move me,” he continues. “My main instrument has always been the guitar, but more recently I’ve become fascinated by synthesizers, specifically synth bass. I love my Sub 37 and Korg MS-20. I hear something that touches where it needs to and I capture it.”

DOV explains that “Mind High” began with a bass loop. “I later weaved in percussion and guitars to create a somewhat more organic texture. With the auto-tuned vocals, I wanted to add something alien yet familiar.”

As for the contribution from Tesha, DOV says, “To start, I tend to create my music in a vacuum and limit distractions to a minimum. Which is also limiting, of course, not to mention sisyphean. When I have something that’s solidified enough, I share it with Tesha and listen to her ideas.” The two share a Brooklyn studio and often work together. DOV refers to Tesha as not only an amazing producer and artists, but also a good friend.

“When I played ‘Mind High,’ Tesha just grabbed the mic and started singing. It felt very natural and right. We both felt related to the story behind the song and were inspired by it so we decided to co-write it and showcase her vocals. We finished the song that day.” It’s understandable that another artist would connect with the subject matter. In fact, underneath the pulse and the power lies an emotional arc many will connect with.

Hero image courtesy of DOV/Oscar Ouk


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