Premiere: “My Girl” by George Eve

Playful lyrics and a big production make for a successful debut single

From its opening bars, George Eve‘s solo debut single “My Girl” telegraphs the bright, brilliant anthem to come. Sonically, the track aims to weave Eve’s background in guitar music with his interest in the production power of the likes of Avicii and Mark Ronson. Eve worked with producers Ben Baptie and Benjamin Miller after a months-long writing session in isolation, in Joshua Tree. “My Girl” is the first hint at what to expect from his mixtape, scheduled for release in September of this year. Its lush, round and celebratory sound-work carries enough energy to capture hearts and bounce from concert-goers up to the rafters of large venues.

“I used to listen to a lot of the same music over and over, trying to dissect it,” Eve explains to CH. “But when I started writing for myself, I threw all that out the window and now I listen to every genre I can with a really open mind. Changing my musical values like that was so fun—I wanted to bring the same sense of freedom into my music.” Eve also mentions that there’s more than the “My Girl” vibe on the mixtape—with “some sadder songs with darker vibes” too.

As for the lush production and clever lyrics, Eve explains, “The first half came together really fast. I was in front of the laptop and played the riff by accident on a guitar. I quickly recorded it and then every idea that followed just worked. I managed to write most of the melodies there and then, with a few of the lyrics.” He teased out the playful lyrics and then met up with Baptie and Miller to build it all together from the ground-up.

Image courtesy of Westbourne Management